The Best ZBIGZ alternatives 2015 To get Ultra High Speed Torrent Downloads

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Top Zbigz Alternative : There are lot’s of searches for the sites that provide ways to download torrent files without torrent clients. The reason of this is that torrents takes ages to download. Bittorrent like managers takes way too much time in downloading things and there is a technical reason of that. These torrent files are actually designed in a way that decreases their downloading speeds naturally. In case you download a file and then download the torrent version of that, you’ll see the difference. We are all familiar with that. Zbigz is the best way one can save their precious time which can be wasted on clients like bittorrent. In case you don’t know about it, let me introduce that to you. It is a powerful web program, developed to give people a way to convert torrent files online only and then download it via fast download managers like IDM, DAP and even Chrome’s inbuilt downloader.

But the thing is, sometimes, due to high load, zBigz gets down and creates a huge problem for all torrent-freaks who down’t want to waste their time on sluggy clients. In such case, you always have an option to switch to a zBigz alternative so that you don’t have to wait for the server to come up again. Now, the thing is that there are a bunch of zBigz alternatives that one can use this day. In order to get the best one for you, you need to checkout what are your requirements. I’m listing here the best zBigz alternatives here with their feature-lists and descriptions so that, you can get the best one for you from here only.


If we talk about the server quality and speed, then this thing is surely the best alternative to the traditional zBigz online application. You have to sign up first and then you can go with paid or free version of that in order to download your torrent file. It uses its cleverly-developed program to convert torrent files to normal downloadable files and then saves your time by providing a way to download torrents from idm or different download managers.

Just like filestream, this site also provides you a similar online program to download torrents in a normal way. What you need to do is to perform a simple sign-up process and then you can login anytime to download anything from any torrent site, whenever you want.

iO makes it really easy to get torrent in normal forms via its easy-to-use interface. On the other hand, competitor sites have much complicated interfaces than they should have.


Even premium accounts of other networks have their limits, but this online application is literally killing it by providing unlimited bandwidth on premium accounts. In case you are wondering about $$, you can always have a free plan with the data limitations, Of Course. It also features a very highly-capable server that ensures 99{a2037dc9ef5c43007da7824fcc2ffe2532f928f1bb3dd58b36d03763b15a49b2} uptime and prevents the site from going time.

Final Words

So, that’s it guys, hope you liked the best alternatives of zBigz which I listed here. In case you know any better services, do let me know about them in the comments section below and I’ll add them here with your credits !

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