[+IPL*] Download Hotstar For PC Laptop Windows 7/8 and MAC

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Hotstar For PC : After Showbox and BCCI lot’s of new apps got developed by various programmers in order to grab attention of entertainment-hungry audience, but only a few of them got succeed. Hotstar live app For PC is one of them which is officially developed by Star Sports PVT in order to let the people watch television from their portable devices. This app lets you run live streams of the ongoing matches, Episodes of various TV Serials and also movies and viral videos. This app got released at the beginning of ICC Cricket world cup 2015 and got advertised on various T.V Channels as well as YouTube videos. Due to this, millions of people downloaded it and are so happy with it that they want a PC version of Hotstar. So, using Hotstar, You can easily watch IPL on Hotstar too !

A PC version will be a lot better as, it will let us to watch ongoing matches and streams on a bigger screen. Also, due to PC’s powerful processor, chances of lags and crashes are considerably less. That is why having a PC client of it is crucial, shich is not developed yet. However, there is a way using which you can easily Download Hotstar App For PC.

Features of Hotstar For PC Download

I already counted about 5-6 features at the beginning, still the list is so long that we can do separate article on that – Which I won’t going to do. But still, we can do short lookup on few key features of Hotstar For PC. Here is the list of those ones, which I personally used.

  • Free: The best part of the whole thing is that it is completely free and have no hidden charges in it. So, you don’t need to worry about any sort of premium version or any paid video.
  • Small: If we look at the features, 50MB seems really small for an app that provides such a huge bunch of advanced features.
  • Easy-To-Use: Even a kid can get familiar with the interface within five minutes!
  • Attractive: All the colours and texts are so Catchy that wouldn’t stop looking at it at first sight

After reading loads of facts, we should not forget that there is no PC version of it, for which we are scratching the net. But as the tittle suggests, I will show you a way to get that completely working on your PC, without any sort of limitations but advantages.

Download Hotstar For PC

Hotstar Comes in a 50Mb file (Approx) and gives you an ability to watch live matches and different T.V serials. One can literally take their T.V with them all the time just by downloading this. But in this article, we will show you how to get in the next level. We will teach you How to Download Hotstar for PC.

Hotstar May not have released a PC version, but you can run the Android version on your PC just bt using some emulator. There are loads of emulators existing over the internet. Most of them are completely free and take no charges, while few needs money to get them. I will show you How to do that with a very Cool emulator known as Andy the Android Emulator. It is new in the field and is the best too (My opinion). So, let us get started!

  • Firstly, Download Andy The Android Emulator Offline setup
  • Open it and install it
  • Go To Search area and do search For Hotstar
  • After that, install it and Enjoy!

Though, Andy is one of the bests of its kind in the industry, still many people are familiar with Bluestacks, so let me tell you a way to use it here in the case of Hotstar. There is one more named Droid4X but I guess these two are better for it.

I Hope You liked the tutorial on How To Download Hotstar For PC, If you did please share this site with your friends and Do let us know in case you face any sort of issue while installing. AS mentioned above, you can easily Watch IPL live on your Hotstar too, which is a really great thing. Also, give us feedback on how you liked our services. You can also give your views on the overall design and theme that is used on this website. Go ahead and do that on order to get the best results. You can also use the email option to contact us.


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