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Shareit for PC Download Windows 7/8 & MAC : File-sharing becomes really boring when you have big things to transfer in a slug-like slow medium. Transfer methods like bluetooth are already killing people with their extremely slow speeds that eventually ends up in eating user’s time or making them click over the cancel button. There are programs like Xender For PC and Weline Apk, but they still gets drunk sometimes and destroys the whole fun. You can share your huge files without any sort of glitch using Shareit For PC. It is a newly developed program which is way too much faster than Xender, Believe me !. You can get the best speed out of your portable device after using it. What you need to do is to form a group using your phone and then you can easily share things within it. This whole works over your WiFi and hence it is really fast. For giving you an idea how exactly fast is it, let me compare it for you with Bluetooth transfer. Normal  Bluetooth transfers are really slow and even apps like xender can do 50X faster than it and shareit is much better than xender. So, now you have an idea about the speed of this application. In this article, I’ve added an Image showing the screenshot of the installation panel of this program. You can use it to get an idea of the installation. Such images really help to know the basics of installations of applications like Share it For Windows. The link, which I’m going to provide you guys is completely genuine and contains the latest version of the program. So, you don’t have to be worried about the originality or updates anymore. Once the company releases the update, you will be notified by the program itself.

New Xender update also features the same PC sharing ability. But anyways, you can still give edge to shareit for MAC, due to its high speed and great smoothness in working. There are many other reasons too that force us to use this program. In order to run it, you have to download the exe setup firstly and then follow the necessary steps to install it. If you don’t know about the steps, then do not worry ! It will tell you in the instructions panel automatically. You can always skip reading the license agreement part as it won’t going to take your property from you. But you should read it as security perspective. Most of us don’t actually do that at all. But it is just because of laziness. Otherwise we all have that much time to perform a quick-read in order to know the basics of license.


Such sorts of programs are gradually becoming popular and it is highly expected that Android will come with this feature in default in the nearby future. What we can do now is that we can wait for it and use Share it For PC to transfer big files. On opening it, you will see all installed apps and stored files, which makes it really easy to find and share things.

Features of Shareit for PC Download

In case you don’t know, there are already hundreds of thousands of people using it and the stats got skyrocketed in the past months. This thing is slowly getting into trend and can kill Xender anytime, if it not gets improved. What you have to do is to download it via play store and then use it. To run it on PC, Read the complete guide which I’m about to mention here.

  • You can share unlimited amounts of videos, images, files, folders, games, apps and sounds for free in a very high speed
  • It can send things in a speed of up to 10,000 kb/s, which is ridiculously fast
  • USB cable-like speed can be attained with this software as it uses WiFi as transfer medium.
  • In case you face any sort of issue, you can contact support anytime you want to.
  • The interface is super-simple and even a kid can understand it after a bit of usage
  • You don’t need to tell anyone about how to use it, as UI is very easy-to-use

So, that’s enough about features, now let’s get into the tutorial. What you need to know for now is that there are two main ways via which you can run Shareit on PC. First one is Android emulation and then there is official PC installer method.

#1. Shareit For PC Download

We have learned many new things about the features of this application that makes it different from others. You need to have a few basic point’s knowledge and you’re done ! In case you don’t know about the emulation, let me tell you.

There are Programs known as “Emulators”. Each one of them is specially developed to support other platform’s programs in normal platforms. Suppose, in case you want to run Linux, you can use a Linux emulator to run Linux on windows. Similarly, we can use an Android emulator to run the android version of Snapchat for PC. But the question is, which emulator to use, as there are tonnes of them available online. Still there are somethings which can help in choosing yours. You can either go for paid one or just try free things. Paid ones are ironically of no use and are slow as well. Free ones on the other hand, are better and ideal for non-developer use.

This method is for those who want to a very similar experience as to the mobile version of this application. Otherwise, the official PC setup is far better than this and works without any issues.

#2. Shareit For Windows Download

You need to install a PC client of this software in order to run Share it for Windows. Just click on the link provided bellow and get the whole setup downloaded in your PC. Note this that you need to have Shareit installed on your phone as well in order to share fles.

Download Shareit For Computer without Bluestacks

Hope you liked this tutorial on How To Download Shareit For PC Windows 7/8 and MAC. If you liked this article, then please do share it with your friends and let us know what else you want to have in this site.

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