[TRICK*] Cool Google Search Tricks and Tips (HUGE COLLECTION)

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Google is the most-visited site in the whole planet. About a billion people access it every month and are addicted to it. It helps us in may ways, from entertainment to checking the net connection. You can also use Many Google Tricks and Tips in order to make your search experience even better. What you need to do is to search in a completely different manner. From different I meant, in a way in which developers searches. In this article, I will be telling you the the same, so that you can also get the complete experience of Google Search Tricks and Tips.

Cool Google Search Tricks and Tips

AS Told above, Google is the most popular site as well as the most popular search engine. It works on a very effective page-rank algorithm that helps in giving out relevant results from quality and high-authority websites. This page rank was used to be a way to sell links and other unethical things like that, so Google finally stopped showing to people and now keeps it to itself only.

Search Tricks & Tips

As I told above, we will be talking about Google tricks and Tips here, which can be really useful and can change the complete searching experience. You can do it really easily and just need the basic internet knowledge. Follow the instructions carefully and contact me via commenting if you face any issue.

Find a Location using Google

You can easily find almost any location in the world in the map or you can view details and photos about it. Google is smart enough to tell the exact location of it on the map or in longitude+latitude degrees. One more thing is that this information is completely correct and can’t be false, as it is taken by NASA.

Search A Single Site

Want to search only a single site?, No problem! You can do that easily with the help of a special sort of keyword that will allow you to completely focus on a single site’s index. What you have to do is to Type the keyword you want to search and after a space, put Site:Mywebsite.com. Example: WhatsApp Site:WhatsApp4pc.com

View Dead Sites

It becomes really hard to recover a data from a site which is not online anymore. That is why doing a backup is crucial. Still if you need text from a dead site, you can get that with Google’s Cache. To do that, simply type Cache:ABC.com

Google Gravity

It is not a trick but an Easter egg inside Google, which is basically invented for fun and have no practical use. You can easily rotate the whole window of Google homepage or search results just by performing Google Zero Gravity Pranks.

Search By Voice

Did you ever know that you can search Google without just by saying things on your desktop? There is an official Chrome extension for that, which can be installed in few seconds and works better than the Android version of it.

Currency Converter

This is probably the best Google trick ever that allows you to See the accurate currency exchange of any currency in the world. Suppose you search $120 to INR, then it will popup the accurate exchange rate of that time.

So that was the list on Best Google Tricks and Tips, If you liked the article, please share it with your friends and do comment down bellow your queries and doubts regarding this tutorial. All the tricks are revealed by Google itself and are invented for the ease of us, however most of us are not aware of it.


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