Google Zero Gravity Trick and Funny Underwater Effect Pranks

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Note : If you are searching for Google Zero Gravity funny trick, you are at the right place. But for more Google Search tricks, you have to check other articles on this website.

Google is no doubt a giant web search engine in the present world. It has been offering its services from the past few years without charging a penny. Not only this feature but being user friendly is what makes it stand apart its competitors. Google has some amazing features. Now I am sharing the Google Zero Gravity tricks and pranks.Google Zero Gravity is one of the best custom Google homepage that works in a very different manner. whenever someone searches for anything, it delivers the results in a very ridiculous way.

It brings the results related to the query and then bounce all of them to the bottom of the page. And by saying all of them means every thing ! Including the search bar, search button and the navigation menu.

Google Zero Gravity

Now make your friends amused by playing these tricks.

Zero Gravity flat fall:


Its probably most used trick of google. When you open it google home page will be falling at zero gravity. But don’t panic it will work as usual. It really amuses the users with the concept of gravity. The best thing about this trick is the feature which allows you throw around the broken tabs all around. Click here to experience this trick.

Google sphere

If you are bored of watching google plain home page then try this trick. It allows to play with the screen options. The entire home page will start bouncing when open it. Once try this trick with searching images. It will be more exciting. Click here to try this trick.

Google sphere gravity prank

Google Underwater

Use this prank to change the background of google home page. It changes the backgroud to the scene of underwater. Click here to try this trick.

Do a barrel role

If you want to try this trick open the google home page and search “Do a barrel role ” and enjoy the trick.

Google zerg rushgravity prank

Regarded as one of the interesting Google Zero Gravity pranks, this trick would make the entire area of the Google search page filled with zero. To try this trick open the google home page and search for “Zeg rush” .

Let Me Google That for You

If you want to try this trick happen just click here . Type the keyword you want to send to your friend and copy the link below the search bar. Send it to your friend. When your friends open the link it automatically searches the keyword you searched for. Interesting right? Then play this prank on your friend

Google Hacker

This prank would just show the home page in totally in a confused way. To try this trick :

Google Tips & Tricks

Google Tips and Tricks are simple tricks that are not for fun but are for your ease. They all are invented by Google Only, in order to make our search experience better. You can also do Sign Up if you want.


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