How To Hide WhatsApp DP/Profile Pic from One Specific Person

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In this tutorial, I’m going to teach you how you can hide profile picture from one person or several people in WhatsApp. It is going to be a basic level tutorial and you can scroll down now to read the instructions. In case you are wondering why a person needs to hide their DP, there can be multiple possibilities. But most common one is to get rid of stalkers. You have to admit it, No matter who you are, there will be at least one stalker behind you that you wanna get away of. That is why I have prepared this tutorial today and I hope you will like it.

So far, we have no option for this as an already integrated feature in whatsapp. Even if you block someone, sometimes they’ll be able to see your profile pictures. That is why we are discussing a trick that will absolutely block specific people from viewing your DP without Blocking. Sometimes you need those stalkers for some work, or you just can’t simply block them. So here is what you can do apart from blocking.

Hide WhatsApp DP/Profile Pic from One Specific Person

You will have to follow the instructions that I’m about to mention here. Make sure to read them properly and look over the basics of them. In case you are wondering about the hardness of this tutorial, its really basic. And even if you are new to whatsapp, you can do it easily. I will be mentioning two main methods that will let you do this.

> First of all, Open settings inside of whatsapp

Hide WhatsApp DP/Profile Pic from One Specific Person

> Click on privacy and select Profile photo

Hide WhatsApp DP/Profile Pic from One Specific Person

> Now Select “My contacts only”

Hide WhatsApp DP/Profile Pic from One Specific Person

After doing this, you can remove your contacts from the actual phone book in order to hide your DP from them. After that, whenever you need them, simply add those contacts again. In case you don’t want this much mess of adding and removing contacts, try the second method.

Method 2

Its same till changing the privacy settings, after that you have to download an app. So firstly, follow the step one till the settings and then go to play store and type “WhatsNot”. Install this application and find which contact you wanna hide your DP from. After finding them inside the WhatsNot, erase them from phone using whatsnot. What this will do is actually erase it from your actual phonebook, but it will be saved inside the WhatsNot application.

So, thats all in How to Hide Whatsapp DP from Specific Contacts only. If you liked this tutorial, then make sure to share this on social media and tell us how you feel about this in the comment’s section down bellow. Also, you can tell if this is not working properly for you or in case its having some issues. While commenting, make sure to fill that email address box too.

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