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Xender For Windows Phone 8.1/Lumia Download is now possible with the official windows phone setup of xender. Download Xender for Lumia through this file. Xender is a popular file-sharing application that lets one send their files at very high speeds. That is the reason why it is getting very popular these days. You can easily transfer heavy files of about 100-200 MBs within few minutes and it works every time, not depends over data or whether and that is the best part of it. It was formerly known as “Sender” but later chancged to Xender as it sounds more cool and different. One may thin that what if it transfer files in very high speed, as there are already many WiFi based flash transfer agents. Still, Xender is designed to deliver superior performance in a better way. It is undoubtedly, the fastest and the most powerful file-transfer program ever developed. If the link in the image does not work, do let me know in the comment’s section down bellow and I will fix that up as soon as possible. Scroll down and click the button to get the official Xender for Windows. If you are curious about xender download for windows , see the other article on this site.

You can send images, videos, documents, apks, games and all types of files to anyone using Xender. It is smart enough to dig your phone and find all the softwares and files inside it, so that you can easily share iot with your friends and other people who also have this app installed on their devices. You will basicallu need to have an Android or iOS Powered device in order to run this application. But what About Windows Phone? There are many users who search for How To Run Xender On Windows Phone, Xender For Lumia Etc. So, we’ve decided to tell How exactly you can do that without any coding skills or any other issues for free.

Follow all the steps here as written, because that is the only way to download Xender for Windows Phone. If you cut the corners, you won’t be able to run it – and that’s how will it go. Xender app for nokia lumia will also work on this. There are many readers of mine who don’t go through the steps correctly and then blame me for not teaching properly in the comments. “m not discouraging anyone from downloading it , you need to follow the steps before doing that. Follow all the things and do let me know if you face any issues while doing that.

Xender For Windows Phone Download – Features

One can get very advanced and exciting features using xender on pc. You need to have basic knowledge of smartphones and that’s it. Because of its easy-to-use simple interface, even a kid can operate it without any problem. Let us see what kind of features will you get after downloading Xender For Windows Phone. xender for windows phone 520 and 535 is also there.

  • You can easily share all types of files, images, folders, videos, games, apps ,apk, Sounds, music, audio and all other things with anyone easily at very high speed
  • If you want, you can create a group so that others can join for sharing thins
  • Also, you can join others group in order to start the share
  • You can also add your pic so that whenever you ask someone to join your grup or you join theirs they will find your picture
  • It can help you send any type of file without Bluetooth
  • It does not use data so forget about any type of data charges as you won’t be charged of anything
  • The speed is very high, even it is really hard to compare it with bluetooth as it is around 50 times faster than Bluetooth !
  • For me, it gives around a mind-blasting speed of 2k to 9k kilobytes per second.
  • You can also view all the types of files you have in your device in order to send them to anyone

One big advantage of Xender For Windows Phone is that it can do the work at a speed in which you will think that it is as wired medium of transfer. It can really do a good job if device is powerful


Update : Download Xender For Windows Phone & Xender for Windows 10 PC

Xender download for mobile is a very commonly searched term. Now you can get the speed from the official Microsoft store only ! There are many people searching for xender like app for windows phone, their search is over. Microsoft store is listing a similar app that works on the same WiFi basis as Xender does and can send files with ultra high speed!

Xender like App for Windows Phone

Here is the official link to download easy share which is a clone of Xender for windows phone. It also works over WiFi and hence is superfast and can be used to share huge files with big sizes.

Update : Now I have Included a direct link for Xender For Windows Phone Down bellow. You can check it and download it right now in order to get the official xender for Windows versiom as well as xender for pc windows 10 download

How To Download Xender For Windows Phone

Downloading Xender For Windows Phone is not a big deal. But the problem is that there is no PC version of it yet released. Still, you can easily use Xender For Windows Using an emulator. An emulator is basically a program that lets you run other platform’s programs in your computer without any issue. This method is completely genuine and is used by millions of people. Read out guide on Xender For PC/Laptop Windows to get the completed idea.

You can either use Bluestacks Emulator or Andy the Android Emulator to Run Xender On Windows. Hope you liked How To Download Xender For Windows Phone and Lumia, if you face any kind of issue while installation, feel free to comment down bellow and I will respond to you within 48 hours.


If we all start using WiFi based sharing apps, then we can definitely get rid of the slow and boring bluetooth-based file shares, which not only takes way too much time but is also a real pain to processor and drains the battery. We all like fast transfers, so why aren’t we downloading apps that can boost the sharing speed of our devices. Slow transfer is a serious issue in my opinion and we should throw it out from our devices as well as from lives.


xender for windows phone lumia 535 – Faster File Transfer and Sharing. Xender can transfer files like picture, music, videos in an instant with a few taps. Besides to transfer and share file between Windows Phone devices, Xender also allows to transfer file between WP and other platform devices, like Android, iOS as well. – This is the official description listed on the official download page. If you see this on the page, it means that you are on the right one. Go ahead and click that box already if you haven’t yet.



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